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Change Log

Date Details
08-Jun-2023 Add expense - added new add button "Add expense & upload receipt" to make uploading receipt easier.
Upload receipt to expense screen - added purchase date.
Download tax report to Excel - pre-populated and formatted Expenses & Bank Transactions worksheets.
15-Sep-2022 Add bank account column to cash received on tax report.
Add bank account columns to invoice lists on tax report Excel download.
11-Sep-2022 Increased size of invoice action icons.
Made them slightly larger for desktop and larger still for mobile.
07-Aug-2022 Changed how all emails are sent - to SMTP.

Made the default From address for all users invoicing@icq32 - to make all emails sent from the system be fully SPF/DKIM/DMARC validated.

Disabled the From Email Address field in My Details so it can't be overwritten. May be removed in the future if the above From change doesn't cause problems.
05-Feb-2022 PHP emailer - changed CharSet from iso-8859-1 to utf-8 to prevent  appearing before £ signs in email bodies.
15-Oct-2021 Tax report - added bank account details to invoices reports
16-Sep-2021 Email invoice - body text - added Account Name label
View invoice - added Account Name title and boxing around bank details.
Invoice layout 2 - added Account Name row to invoice details.
06-Sep-2021 Added PayPal integration into the Upgrade process
29-Aug-2021 Added support for Reverse VAT - to add and modify invoice, invoice search, invoice search for client, new table column, invoice PDF layout 1, email create
01-Aug-2021 Invoice list - added Unsent Invoices filter.

Home screen, removed permanent unpaid expenses header - showing it only where there are unpaid expenses. Added list of unpaid invoices.
24-Jul-2021 Added custom calendar entry for easy adding of supermarket deliveries and the day before reminder. Updated nav menu with the new item.
25-Jun-2021 Work diary - improved the way the dropdown filters work - Status and Project - so they work together rather than separately. Applies to user and client logins.
23-Jun-2021 Added new invoice layout 4.

Static data - changed bank details label from "Cheques payable to" to "Cheques payable to / Account Name"
05-Jun-2021 Auto create invoice scheduler - added invoice notes to the alert email.
31-May-2021 Modify invoice - Â was appearing on invoice pdfs before £ signs - fixed by replacing with & pound ; on invoice saving.
01-Apr-2021 View invoice - made the invoice notes red so they're more noticeable.
11-Mar-2021 Tax report - added formatting to all populated sheets.
23-Feb-2021 Tax report - worked on adding Excel downloadable version of the report.
28-Jan-2021 Updates to the auto-generated tax spreadsheet.
11-Dec-2020 Work diary - added total hours worked and total earned today to the home page
Calendar entry - Done - changed "Yes" to a tick and added tick icon at top of not done entries, to mark them as done with one click.
23-Aug-2020 Copying calendar entry - copied mileage across.
27-Jul-2020 Added new report - Clients with Invalid Email Addresses.

Clients list - added warning message if any clients found with invalid email addresses.
15-Jul-2020 Bug fix - invoice template 3 line items - removed the "A" symbol which appeared before £ signs.
30-Jun-2020 Email alert of today's calendar entries - made it into nicer looking table and added feature to mark an item as done direct from a link on the email.
24-Jun-2020 Scheduler which runs every night - when it creates a new scheduled invoice, on the email alert, added the client name in addition to the invoice number.
01-Jun-2020 Calendar entry - added +1 week and +4 weeks buttons to move calendar entries forward by 1 week and 1 month.
09-May-2020 Added headings and categories to reports list page
05-May-2020 Changed db rs field to have just the 1 parameter

View invoice - for users and clients - if status is fully or partially paid, showed the date(s) paid.
04-May-2020 Work diary:
Added three new totals showing the amount earned in the past 7 days, this month and last month.
03-May-2020 Static data:
Added "(Days)" to invoice terms label - to make it clearer.
Added more details to the notes on where invoice prefixes are shown.

Cash Received Report:
Changed default date range from current day to current month.
Added month selectors presets.
Added count of records.

Added new report Monthly Activity
01-May-2020 Invoices issued report:
Changed default date range from current day to current month.
Added month selectors presets.
Added count of records.

Static data:
Added default email text for overdue invoices - including the ability to add placeholders for [due_date] and [days_overdue].

Email create:
When emailing on invoice, integrated the above new static data field.

View Invoice:
Added client level notes.
27-Apr-2020 Updated PayPal fees in static data information
26-Apr-2020 Bug fix in upload of expense receipts - when screenshots are pasted in. Fixed in the upload receipt action file. Picked up by the weekly file reconciling process between backup and live.
25-Apr-2020 Purchase Orders list - changed sort order - putting the most recent at the top.
Restyled submit buttons throughout the system.
22-Apr-2020 Tax report - calendar entries list showing mileage - added row highlighting on mouse hover to make checking each row easier.
21-Apr-2020 Viewing expenses - added previous and next month buttons to the date range selectors.
09-Apr-2020 Email editing screen - added full stop after recipient's name.
30-Mar-2020 Bug fix - when selecting Last Month in date ranges, if it's was the end of month, and the previous month had fewer days, the date range it returned was incorrect.
23-Mar-2020 Uploading of receipt images to expenses. Made it so screen snips can be pasted directly into the upload form. Direct upload from clipboard.
08-Mar-2020 Bug fix - tax report - removed currency symbol from total mileage amount.
10-Feb-2020 Refinement to home page calendar list - so today's Done items drop off
21-Oct-2019 Bug fix in the email validation on the on the email sending screen.
24-Sep-2019 Added new field Deleted to Quotes.

Deleting quote - changed to updating the deleted field rather than removing he record. Updated quote search screen and quote count on view client.

View quote - added undelete function.
02-Sep-2019 Changed calendar search results to a table
14-Jul-2019 Added email validation to the To field of the email sending screen.
03-Jul-2019 On the database connection - added mysqli_set_charset($con,"utf8"); to deal with black diamonds with question marks being in place of £ symbols.
27-Jun-2019 Updated PHP version to 7.2 (from 5.5)
Updated PHPMailer library
26-May-2019 Tax report - added list of all calendar entries in each tax year - so which should have mileage can be identified.
20-May-2019 Added new field Mileage to calendar entries - to help with tax report - recording business travel mileage.

Tax report - added mileage section
25-Feb-2019 Invoice list page - users and clients - changed the Days Old column for paid invoices to show the number of days between Invoice Date and the date cash was received, rather than between Invoice Date and today. This way you can see how long it took each invoice to be paid.
14-Jan-2019 Bug fix with sign-up process fixed
24-Dec-2018 Bug fix - repeating calendar entries - made it copy across the Done field to all new entries.
04-Mar-2018 Added "See work diary for details" to add invoice from work diary
09-Feb-2018 Refinements to the work diary - added limit of 30 items, rather than by date range.
09-Aug-2017 Changed namservers to Cloud
27-Apr-2017 Refinements to the tax report
01-Apr-2017 Added Contacts module.

Email sending screen, added dropdown of all client and contacts email addresses.
25-Mar-2017 Added chart to the Performance report
Viewing a deleted invoice - removed all action icons apart from print and added undelete feature.

Refinement to invoice search to clarify deleted status of invoice and client.

Invoice search - don't show action icons of deleted invoices.
24-Mar-2017 Add invoice, add quote, invoice search, quote search, service sheet search, service contract search - client dropdowns - if either a name or company doesn't exist, removed the hyphen.
15-Mar-2017 Bug fix - copy calendar entry - made it copy the Done status
09-Mar-2017 Added Done tickbox to calendar entries.

SignIn/Home page, included any past, not done calendar entries on the list.

Auto create schedule, included any past, not done calendar entries.
06-Mar-2017 Bug fix - invoice modify and quote modify - line item details can now accept single quotes.

Invoice line item amounts - if they're numeric, they'll be automatically formatted as currency amounts - all invoice pdf templates updated and the body text of the invoice email.

Bug fix - invoice line items on pdfs - changed them table layouts so if a line item has a long description - more than 1 line - all items will align properly.

Add invoice - updated info text about line item number format.

Modify invoice and modify quote - moved the line items info icon down to be nearer the line items boxes.

Invoices and quotes list - showing the company name under the site/project title - if there's no company, made it show the client contact name instead.
01-Mar-2017 Auto create schedule - made it move forward the expiry dates of free accounts.
27-Feb-2017 Added another save button to My Details
Bug fix - schedule - email listing calendar entries - made the sort by time
26-Feb-2017 Added selectable quote templates. Added a quote template 2 which matches the theme of invoice template 2
25-Feb-2017 Changed AddReplyTo to use Email rather than FromEmail

Rewrote the Email Addresses section of the Information section
23-Feb-2017 Bug fix - uploading title and signature image - preventing it from stretching the image if it was smaller than the max dimensions.
21-Feb-2017 Quote search, made it default the radio Drawn Up
20-Feb-2017 Add quote status (Drawn Up, Accepted & Declined) - added field, made the default Drawn Up when add a new quote, added the new field to modify quote, search quotes - added status filter and made it default to Drawn Up rather than All
19-Feb-2017 Alerts email, changed the subject line from: Late and Overdue Invoice Alerts

To Due and Late Invoice Alerts
17-Feb-2017 View client - added 'Add Quote to this client' button

Add quote - made it take a client ID parameter
13-Feb-2017 Set SPF record for domains and set DMARK record
12-Feb-2017 Added promo email footer to all public emails.
11-Feb-2017 Added free version functionality
10-Feb-2017 Cleared logins - 8833 records
09-Feb-2017 Added new report - Performance - showing year on year earnings - both tax and calendar year
05-Feb-2017 Bug fix - uploading invoices via csv - made it set the date client was added.
04-Feb-2017 Updated email sending routines to use the new FromEmail field
03-Feb-2017 Added 'From email address' to My Details - static data
Invoices issued report - filtered out deleted invoices
02-Feb-2017 Refinement to email creation - if terms are zero days, when putting the invoice details in the body of the email, don't write the terms and due date.
01-Feb-2017 Changed change log to come from database rather than static.
Started automated backup process of uploaded documents.
30-Jan-2017 Bug fix - add expense - made the count of uploaded receipts work.
29-Jan-2017 Added new custom module - Issues & Actions.
28-Jan-2017 Changed the add icon from 32 to 24px.
22-Jan-2017 Uploading expense documents - added drag/drop.
17-Jan-2017 Refinements to folder structure of uploaded documents.

Email create - when uploading an attachment, retains the to, cc, subject and body text so anything typed by the user isn't cleared after an attachment is uploaded.
16-Jan-2017 Changed h1 font from Trebuchet MS to Arial.
10-Jan-2017 Added invoice prefix.
07-Jan-2017 Went live with new design of public site.
28-Dec-2016 Added REPOSITORY_EMAIL_ADDRESS - changing from y to g.
21-Dec-2016 Modify expense screen - added delete expense button.
15-Nov-2016 Added new feature - paid status of expenses and unpaid, upcoming expenses being displayed on the home page.
31-Oct-2016 Refinements to the email creating screen for zero days invoice terms.
17-Oct-2016 View invoice - refined client name - ensuring no blank lines if there's either no company or contact name. Also wrapped the link to view the client around the whole name, company and address.
16-Oct-2016 Invoice seach - added new category - deleted invoice - to view invoices which have been deleted.
12-Oct-2016 Refinements to invoice1 and quote pdf - if no company name or no contact name, don't print the blank line.
09-Oct-2016 Change of hosting company.
06-Oct-2016 Added feature so receipt can be added to an expense.
15-Sep-2016 Sending emails mechanism - changed the From field to help with SPF validation.
Bug fix in the overdue invoice sending report.
16-Aug-2016 All the email sending routines - made them deal with the new uploaded attachments section.
Email sending - added file uploading, so additional attachments can be added to emails.
15-Aug-2016 Email sending screen - when deleting an attachment, made the button text change to just "Send email" rather than "Send email with invoice" for example.
Creating an email - made it treat spaces and line breaks as email address separators.
12-Aug-2016 Bug fix - sent emails report - fixed the data pickers.
Email quote - made it pick up additional attachments from the email create screen.
Sent emails report - made it show attachments for all email types - not just general emails to clients.
Email to client - made it pick up additional attachments from the email create screen.
Email link on view client, made it go straight to the email sending screen rather than selecting attachments.
After having sent a general email to a client, added green 'Email sent' message to the client details on the view client screen you're redirected back to.
10-Aug-2016 Sending emails mechanism - changed the From field to help with SPF validation.
15-Jul-2016 Bug fix - view invoice - when a client views an invoice, removed the link to update the cash (it didn't work, but it shouldn't have been a link). Also removed the Notes when a client views an invoice.
Drew and added new small cash icon.
Refinements to the code and layout of the updating invoice cash page.
14-Jul-2016 Invoice update cash screen, added the invoice notes.
11-Jul-2016 Work diary - creating an invoice - along with the number of hours being invoiced, I added the from and to dates to the invoice body for which the work was done.
10-Jul-2016 Added feedback menu item and sending feedback function.
Refinements to the signing in screen.
Refinements to invoice search and quote search - spacing around the action icons.
Drew a new info and email sent png icons.
05-Jul-2016 Made entries on the calendar draggable/droppable - so they can be moved from one day to another very easily.
Added new feature - copy expense.
02-Jul-2016 Clients list - swapped company name and contact name.
Removed the hourly rate column from clients.
Updated the work diary summary to use the new hourly rates table rather than the hourly rate in clients.
16-Jun-2016 Auto create schedule - on the email alerting you to due and overdue invoices, added the client company name in addition to the invoice number.
15-Jun-2016 When sending a cash received Thank You email, made it so users can set the default email body text themselves in static data.
11-Jun-2016 Calendar - in mobile view - added thick borders under Sundays - which helps differentiate between weeks.
31-May-2016 Small bug fix in auto create invoice schedule.
22-May-2016 View expenses - added results count.
19-Apr-2016 Refinements to the layout of invoice layout 2 - the dates and terms at the top. If the terms are zero days, then don't show the terms number or row.
Added invoice terms at client level which will override the system level default terms.
11-Apr-2016 View client - removed ID and added Date Client Added.
29-Mar-2016 Bug fix in copy invoice process - invoice due date.
28-Mar-2016 Refinements to the way unpaid invoice alerts work. Rather than be alerted when they hit 30 and 40 days, it's now on due date and a number of days specified by the user before/after due date.
06-Mar-2016 Added new report - total invoice amount per client - which includes a bar chart.
27-Feb-2016 On the calendar, added previous/next month buttons below the calendar - only visible in mobile view.
23-Feb-2016 Bug fix on quote search page when searching for quotes by number.
On the listing pages of invoice and quotes, added client name as an optional field - can be set to show or hide this in the user settings.
22-Feb-2016 Changed the layout of modifying a quote - making it responsive/mobile friendly.
Changed the layout of viewing a quote - making it responsive/mobile friendly.
Print view of quotes - changed to pdf.
21-Feb-2016 Refined layout of mobile navigation menu.
20-Feb-2016 Made the invoice upload screen responsive/mobile friendly.
Removed old hourly rate field from client view and modify.
View client - added day rate column.
Made the general email to client screen responsive/mobile friendly.
Made the recurring invoice schedules page responsive/mobile friendly.
Various other minor refinements to invoices and my details.
Added 'Back to top' buttons to headers on the system information manual.
19-Feb-2016 Made the add quote add page responsive/mobile friendly.
Made the add quote search page responsive/mobile friendly.
18-Feb-2016 Made the site manual page responsive/mobile friendly.
17-Feb-2016 Made all reports responsive/mobile friendly.
Updating cash received, made it responsive/mobile friendly.
View sent emails, made it responsive/mobile friendly.
Upload invoice, made it deal with due date.
Add expense, added the auto populate dropdown to the supplier field.
Expenses - made the view expenses list, modify and add expenses screens responsive/mobile friendly.
16-Feb-2016 Expenses - changed the date range selectors from dropdowns to data pickers. Also changed the expenses report to deal with the new date formats.
14-Jan-2016 Upgrades to the custom work diary module - making it deal with multiple hourly rates rather than just one.
03-Aug-2015 Refinements to the invoice search screen - adding spacing and making the totals at the bottom sit horizontally rather than stacked.
Changed view invoice to the new responsive design.
Changed the Suppliers section to be the same as the Clients section - responsive design.
Changed the small invoice icon to the new one with "In" letter.
Purchase order search - added supplier dropdown filter.
02-Aug-2015 Made the menu link on the mobile nav menu page a link to the sign in screen.
Made the email create screen mobile friendly.
17-Jul-2015 Added another optional alert - receiving an email of your current day's calendar entries first thing in the morning.
11-Jul-2015 Changed the service sheet dates from drop downs to data picker.
Changes the logos on view service sheet to the new bigger ones.
Added hand-written signature library and added a signature field to service sheets.
02-Jul-2015 Added some more info notes to Static Data - uploading title and signature image.
Refinements to the adding of line items input formatting on modify invoice.
Invoice terms can now be changed from the default of 30 days.
19-Jun-2015 Changed comma message on email create screen so it's no longer a popup, but just written on the screen - so it's clearer.
16-Jun-2015 Refinements to the clients list - made it say No Name and No Company if these fields are blank, so clients with blank name and company don't become invisible on the client list page.
13-Jun-2015 Upgrade to Thank You emails sending mechanism.
06-Jun-2015 Upgrade to sent email storage.
02-Jun-2015 Bug fix on the "Add client - add invoice to this new client" button.
29-May-2015 Adding and modifying expenses - added auto-complete to the supplier box. Also changed the modify expenses date picking dropdowns to the date picker.
04-May-2015 Added feature to archive clients so they don't appear on the clients list - also updated the adding of invoices, quotes, service contracts and site reports to nor show archived clients.
19-Apr-2015 Added "Please quote invoice number [Inv#] when making payment" to one of the invoice templates.
21-Mar-2015 Some refinements to the line items on the invoice adding screen and the invoice search screen - making the responsive layout a bit better.
Improving the mobile view of the sign in page.
08-Feb-2015 Behind the scenes tidying - moving all the js scripts to their own directory.
04-Feb-2015 Quote list - added company name as a tooltip on the quote number.
22-Jan-2015 Modify quote - refined the layout of the screen and increased the height of the Details box.
17-Jan-2015 Added fully automated sign up process.
Removed sorting on invoice search.
13-Jan-2015 Added an SSL certificate making the site https.
01-Jan-2015 Made it so deleted invoices aren't deleted from the database - instead they're marked as deleted. Updated all parts of the system to filter out invoices marked as deleted.
Some CSS changes to the invoice search screen, making it responsive, so looks a bit better on a mobile device.
29-Dec-2014 Changed the name of the Diary to Calendar.
12-Dec-2014 Deleting clients - rather than the record being deleted, added new Boolean field to mark the client as deleted. Updated all places where the client list is viewed, filtering out ones marked as deleted.
01-Dec-2014 Added recurring diary entry types: every 3 months and a custom one for the 3rd Wednesday of every month.
Recurring diary entries - made it add a note to the last entry in a sequence stating it's the last entry.
02-Nov-2014 You can now modify cash amounts received against an invoice.
11-Oct-2014 Changed the logging in cookie expiry from 2 weeks to 1 year.
07-Oct-2014 Removed stripslashes from db.
28-Sep-2014 Adding invoice and adding quote, tidied the formatting of the newly added line item boxes - the JavaScript - so the styling of the new boxes matches exactly the style of the existing boxes.
On the diary, when you hover over a diary entry, increased the time delay before the popup is shown.
Re-wrote the AJAX for pulling the full client details using JSON.
Removed the Not Authorised message when viewing a page when you're not logged in, replacing it with the redirect to the sign in page.
On the diary, added a Go To Today button to scroll nicely to the current date - visible on the responsive design on mobile devices to scroll down the month calendar to the current day.
25-Sep-2014 Overdue invoice alerts. Added an alert when invoices hit 40 days old - so 10 days past their due date.
18-Aug-2014 Added a slight delay to the on-hover popups on the diary - to stop them popping up when you move the cursor across the screen.
Added password strength meter to the password reset facility.
16-Aug-2014 Implemented the password reset facility.
Added new field to My Details - default email body text when emailing an invoice on its due date. Updated the emailing creating routine to pull this text instead of the normal invoice default text on the due date of an invoice.
Added some refinements to the tooltip popup help comments in the My Details static data section.
14-Aug-2014 Making a start on a password reset feature.
Updated the Credits page.
10-Aug-2014 Changed the link on the header logo. Used to go to the site home page, now to the sign in page - which is becoming more of a dashboard. The header logo on the dashboard however still goes to the home page.
08-Aug-2014 Added nice mouseover popups to the diary to show full details of each diary entry when the mouse is hovered over an event. (If you click or tap diary entries, you still get the view diary event screen - so will still be fine on touch screens).
01-Aug-2014 Added cash due bar chart to the Sign In page.
Added pie chart of unpaid invoices counts to the signing in page. Also made some refinements to the signing in page layout.
Installed chart library and added bar chart to the reports: Invoice Count per Client and Cash Due by Month.
31-Jul-2014 Added new report - "Cash received" - listing all cash received in a From/To date range.
Added new report - "Invoices issued" - listing all invoices issued in a From/To date range.
24-Jul-2014 Update to the tax report - re-coded "Unpaid invoices issued in this tax year".
18-Jul-2014 Small bug fix in upload invoice - if the client name has a single quote, was throwing an error - so escaped it.
07-Jul-2014 Added "box-sizing: content-box" to the css to make the selects the same width as the text inputs.
Service contracts search, re-coded.
Added expense, added date picker.
Service sheet, quote & purchase order view - tidied the action icons.
Replaced date dropdowns date picker on invoice modify.
06-Jul-2014 Replaced date dropdowns date picker on invoice add.
Tidied the action icons on the view client and expenses screens - making new 24px icons.
24-Jun-2014 Tidied the action icons on all invoice layouts - making new 24px icons.
23-Jun-2014 Added Work Diary module. Made it so you can create an invoice for unbilled hours with one click, which also updates the diary status as "invoiced". When the invoice is marked as paid, the diary status is automatically updated as "paid".
22-Jun-2014 Added new invoice layout - doesn't show terms or due date, instead saying "This invoice is now due for payment".
20-Jun-2014 Added new field to Clients - Hourly Rate - for use in the Work Diary.
09-Jun-2014 Some refinements to the diary layout and added a count of returned diary search items.
02-May-2014 Some refinements to the daily data backup process.
15-Apr-2014 Tidied the markup on the reports list page.
Added new report - clients with a login.
14-Apr-2014 Bug fix - client links and redirects - removed the clientToShow and replaced with link to the new view client page.
25-Mar-2014 Added search function to the diary.
13-Mar-2014 Added month selectors to the diary, including highlighting the current month and responsive styling.
23-Feb-2014 My Details - removed the Show Client Logins checkbox - not needed with the new clients list page.
Added monthly and weekly recurring frequencies to the diary.
Some refinements to the diary, cell width, wrapping text and adding a title popup so you can see the full entry if it's overflowed text is hidden.
20-Feb-2014 Added todays diary entries to the home (signin) screen.
Added totals to the invoice search screen.
Added placeholder to client search box.
17-Feb-2014 Added diary.
11-Feb-2014 Implemented new clients list page. Works nicer with the responsive design. Is also quicker to load as less info is got and displayed. Also changed the all email addresses list delimiter from a comma to a semi-colon.
26-Jan-2014 On the email sending screen, added a delete attachment button - so if a recipient doesn't accept emails with attachments, you send a text-only email.
11-Nov-2013 Small change to the tooltip js to make the tooltips appear properly onscreen - the left edge visible - when viewing on a mobile
Invoice add and reports list - made design responsive.
10-Nov-2013 Client view, add, modify and sign in screen - made design responsive.
Improved password storage - making it more secure.
Changed the html and css for the nav menu
Add 2 new frequencies to the invoice scheduler. 14 days and 28 days.
02-Oct-2013 In the static data, added sliding animation to the show/hide of CIS, VAT and PayPal.
Added some padding to all buttons, making them look a bit chunkier.
Add and modify invoice - hid CIS and VAT fields if not CIS or VAT registered.
01-Oct-2013 Invoice print view, changed from html view to viewing the pdf - which looks much nicer for printing.
Added button to copy invoice.
06-Sep-2013 Improved logging in script - making it more secure.
01-Sep-2013 Invoice layout 2, quote, PO, PO Add, PO Modify, pdf creation of invoice layout 2 - updated to deal with large portrait logos - setting the max width on the html and setting either the width or the height in the pdf - depending if landscape or portrait.
14-Aug-2013 Added PayPal features - static data - allows you to choose to include a PayPal link in invoice emails and add your PayPal merchant account ID. In the email creation routine, if the PayPal box is ticked and a merchant account ID is given, add the link to the email.
09-Aug-2013 Suppliers - upgraded to db.php
Adding a new supplier - rather than returning to the blank adding page, it now takes you to the modifying screen and shows you the supplier you just added.
07-Aug-2013 Reports module - upgraded to db.php.
Site reports module - upgraded to db.php.
Site reports - added results count to top of list.
Service contract for client screen - refined - removing spacing from top.
Clients list - added new icon linking to the login section. The new login section allows users to set up usernames and passwords for their clients - allowing them to log in and view (read only) their invoices and quotes. Previously I had to set these logins up.
06-Aug-2013 Added some JavaScript to the clients list page. If you click a link somewhere to view a client - so ClientToShow is set, then as well as displaying that clients details, it now scrolls to that client - so they're in view.
View service contract - made the client a link to view the client details.
Small bug fix with showing the correct delete service contract icon - wasn't working the service sheet count out correctly.
Upgraded the service contracts code to use the db.php class.
02-Aug-2013 Also made a start on adding a new contracts module.
Behind the scenes changes to how each users nav menu is stored and some tidying of the user management code.
15-Jul-2013 Behind the scenes minor bug fix on emailing pdfs.
Quote PDF - refinements to the spacing around the site/project title.
03-Jul-2013 Static Data - Alerts. Removed the 25 day alert and changed the wording on the email of the 30 alerts to say "invoices are now due" rather than "overdue". Also updated the alerts help tooltip in My Details.
14-Jun-2013 Updated all PO section - changed to db.php
PO - Removed 2 br's from below the nav menu so moving the action actions up a bit
17-May-2013 Tax report - added list of unpaid invoices issued in the tax year.
Tax report - added list of invoices issued in the tax year.
Tax report - added opening balance - a list of all unpaid invoices dated to the start of the selected tax year.
Tax report - wrapped the tables in divs so the JavaScript to select the table text works in IE - to make copy/paste into Excel easier.
11-May-2013 Static data and email creating - customisable email subject line with placeholders - for invoices and quotes.
10-May-2013 Expenses - added another date preset - lastTaxYear
Expenses section - changed to use db.php.
Delete client - changed to use db.php.
Clients list - list of all clients emails - trimmed each email address.
Clients list - removed the hidden clients feature - caused more problems that it was worth...
09-May-2013 Viewing site report - link to the client - made it link to the new clients page.
Adding service sheet - link to the client - made it link to the new clients page.
Sent emails report - link to the client - made it link to the new clients page.
Quote - link to the client - made it link to the new clients page.
Navigation menu on the left - removed link to old client selecting screen
Invoice layouts 1 and 2 - link to the client - made it link to the new clients page.
After sending a general email to a client, redirects you back to the new clients page rather than the old one.
Bug fix - quote adding screen - clicking X on the information tooltips wasn't closing them - fixed.
Made a start on changing to using the db.php.
Adding a new client - made it redirect to the new Clients list page.
07-May-2013 Cash section - adding, deleting and sending the thank-you email - changed to use db.php.
Added db.php
03-May-2013 Small bug fix - the pdf version of type 2 invoice and site reports - if the client's image was less than 200px wide it was being stretched to 200px - so was being distorted - fixed.
Small bug fix - sending emails with a single quote in the subject line - single quotes were being escaped - so stripped slashes to fix.
28-Apr-2013 Added new field to client records - "Hidden" - so if you're no longer doing work for a client you can hide them so they don't appear on the clients list, but aren't deleted so all their invoices and quotes etc still exist.
25-Mar-2013 Refined the wording of the explanation/procedure for uploading an invoice via csv.
Small bug fix in getClientDetailsForPopup.
23-Mar-2013 Clients page - added comma delimited list of all client's emails - so you can copy/paste into Outlook for example - to send a mail to all clients.
21-Mar-2013 Site reports list - set the date column width to stop the dates from wrapping.
Emailing a site report - changed EmailSiteReport.php to use PHPMailer.
Emailing a service sheet - changed EmailServiceSheet.php to use PHPMailer.
Emailing a purchase order - changed EmailPO.php to use PHPMailer.
Emailing a quote - changed EmailQuote.php to use PHPMailer.
18-Mar-2013 Invoice schedule - added tooltip with some info about the recurring invoice auto-creating process.
Added invoice alerts. Users can opt to receive alerts when any invoices get to 15 or 30 days old - so they can send reminders.
Changed the background color of tooltips
Invoice scheduler - when the new invoice is automatically created, made it copy across the new Notes field from the original invoice.
17-Mar-2013 Emailing an invoice - changed EmailInvoice.php to use PHPMailer.
Sending general email to client - changed EmailToClient.php to use PHPMailer instead of writing the headers myself and using the mail() function.
Sending email - emailCreate.php - changed the validation - made it so subject isn't required - can be blank and made it so To can't be blank.
15-Mar-2013 Added Notes field to an invoice - so updated the invoice-full-details view - adding the new field, updated modifying screen and action to save the new field and added the notes to the bottom of the html invoice - only showing if there are notes - and making it not appear on the print view and pdf.
14-Mar-2013 Clients Add - added spacer label - moving the buttons over in line with the input boxes.
Updated the tooltip javascript - changing from onmouseover to onclick and making it more efficient and easier to add new tooltips.
My details - made all the textareas the correct width - but setting the width rather than the number of cols - number of cols across browsers is inconsistent.
Quote line items - if a number, assume it's a currency amount and format as a currency amount on the html quote and the pdf. Also updated the info tooltip and added the tooltip to the modify quote page.
Quote search - refined the sorting of results to deal with multiple quotes added on the same day - so was just by descending quote date, now by descending quote date then descending quote id.
Expenses list and ones added today - swapped the position of the modify and delete logos.
Modify Expenses - changed the button text from Update Expense to Save Changes.
Purchase Order add and modify and the javascipt for dynamically adding table rows - right aligned the net, vat and gross currency amounts and defaulted the vat tickbox to ticked.
04-Mar-2013 Bug fix - clients - changed the sql for getting the counts of invoices, quotes, service sheets etc - it was looking for service sheets, so if there was a service contract with no sheets under it linked to a client - it was showing the delete logo - when that client can't be deleted.
Added invoice uploader
03-Mar-2013 Removed the IE logo from the sign in page - this was used to distinguish between we app and MS Access users logging in - but there's no MS Access any more.
Quote modify - UI screen and action screen - added a "Save changes & view quote" button.
Modifying a quote - removed the CalculateAmountPayable javascript function which was running and causing an error every time an amount was entered - no calculation needed - it must have come from an invoice page I copied.
Adding a supplier - added spacer label moving the add button to left align with the text boxes
Quote adding action - changed the header location redirect - had the Quote.php rather than just the slash then quote number.
Adding a quote - fixed the javascript so the tooltips work - one was given the wrong name.
Modify Invoice action page - changed the header location redirect - was "/invoice/26" now just "26"
Invoice modify - bug fix - made it loop through all 4 tootltips when hiding them rather than just 3.
Deleted vw_ClientsWithInvoices from all databases.
Bunch of behind the scenes refinements:
19-Feb-2013 Replaced the DOCUMENT_ROOT server variable with the siteRoot variable in a bunch of places.
08-Jan-2013 Fixed the Cancel button on the email sending screen - so fully works for all email types. Also removed the full home root path from the email attachment - using a relative path instead.
Added new Clients.php page and other modify/delete pages. I prefer this to the existing AJAX page. I'll leave this AJAX version - so there's both the old and new ways of viewing and updating clients.
31-Dec-2012 In My details changed the address to a multi line field, then displayed it as either single or multi-line in the various places - mainly to make the addresses on purchase orders look nicer.
Added to every page an include in the image-box div - so now the icon in the top left comes from a single include file so can easily be changed and now it links back to the home page on every page.
The cash due and cash overdue report emails - in html format - made the font be Arial for the whole email - so looks a lot nicer - it was Times New Roman for the text and Arial for the invoice list table.
Added spacing under the red "Email Sent" message so it doesn't appear at the very bottom of the page - all 6 pages.
Fixed the Cancel button on the email sending screen - making it properly delete the attachment file.
30-Dec-2012 Went through almost every page and made all links relative and replaced the DOCUMENT_ROOTs.
29-Dec-2012 Invoice search for clients, quote search and quote search for clients - changed from POST to GET - so the browser Back button works without the form resubmission message.
Nav menu on the left, removed the height attribute, so now there's a gap between the bottom of the control icons (print, email, modify etc) and the bottom of the screen.
The GetSites general function - SQL - removed the DISTINCT - is already taken care of with the UNIONs - so makes it slightly faster.
My Details - added another save button so you don't have to scroll so far to save after making a change.
Upgraded code - almost every page - from MySQL_ functions to MySQLi_
28-Dec-2012 Expense - added new preset - This Tax Year - to quickly run the report for the dates of the current tax year - 6th Apr to 5th Apr.
14-Dec-2012 Went through a bunch of pages and made the invoice logo in the top left corner clickable - linking back to the home page. Still have some pages to go.
Small change to the side menu - added a space at the bottom to stop the bottom menu item sitting right at the base of the browser window.
26-Oct-2012 New custom Site Reports module added for one client - includes add/view/modify/delete of reports, emailing and pdf creation.
12-Aug-2012 When you sign in and see the colour coded counts of your invoices - you can now click on "Your invoices" and be taken to your list of invoices.
Updating cash received - now puts the amount due into the box automatically - to save typing it - if the full amount has been received.
02-Aug-2012 Added notes field to Clients
31-Jul-2012 Updating cash - put focus/made the cursors start position be the cash amount box.
Clients view/modify - put focus/made the cursors start position be the search box.
Viewing an invoice - all templates - and viewing a quote - added a link so you can click the client and view their details directly.
20-Jul-2012 When selecting and viewing a client's details you now get a list of their unpaid invoices. You can click to view the invoice or go straight to update the cash. This, along with the client search, should make finding unpaid invoices easier when looking at cash received into your bank account.
26-Jun-2012 Bug fix - on My Details section - updated the JS to make the CIS & VAT tickboxes work right in IE8 - wasn't showing/hiding the rate fields. setAttribute("class","") didn't work - had to make it setAttribute("className","").
Added "Paid Cash" column to invoices section of the Tax report
Added "Paid Cash" tickbox to updating cash. This can help if reconciling cash received to your bank account - to help identify where you were paid in cash rather than into your bank. Is shown on the tax report.
29-May-2012 When emailing the cash due and cash overdue reports, it now displays the report on the email sending screen. I tried to make it put the table into the email body text with a contenteditable div - but it got too complicated - with line breaks especially.
27-May-2012 Sent emails report - when clicking the quick links (Today, Last 7 days etc) along with setting the dates in the dropdowns it also submits the form to get the results for the selected date range.
When updating cash, the invoice number is now a link back to the invoice - to making navigating to the invoice a bit easier.
Status is now displayed on the invoice (Paid, Partially Paid, Unpaid, Over Paid). It's not shown in print view or the PDF. I didn't colour code as there's colour coding for age of invoice and combining the two was a bit complicated.
20-May-2012 You can now modify expenses.
New Tax report added listing all cash received and all expenses paid for the selected tax year. I'm doing my own tax return at the moment, so added this report to help me do it.
18-May-2012 Invoice Search & My Details - made it so you can choose the default view of the invoice search screen - either all invoices or only unpaid. Is an option you can pick and set in the My Details section.
22-Apr-2012 MyDetails static data - added tickbox: "Invoice details in email body". In the EmailCreate section made reference to this new setting, so when ticked, the invoice details are automatically put into the body text of the email - incase the recipient can't open the pdf attachment.
Tidied CIS and VAT display on viewing invoices, PDF and creating email with invoice details. If you're VAT/CIS registered, you'll see these amounts - even if the rates are zero. If you're not registered and the rates are zero, you'll not see these items - you will however see them if the rates are greater than zero.
Recurring invoice scheduler - small bug fix - escaped the invoice body text when auto creating the new invoices.
19-Feb-2012 On the invoice search results screen, for users and clients, added JS code to make clicking on the table headers sort the table by the clicked column.
01-Feb-2012 You can now choose to display either "Registered office" or "Address" as your address title.
In My details added dynamic sections and tick-boxes for CIS and VAT
Removed the view vw_QuoteFullDetailsSpecQuoteID replacing it with just sql
Bug fix. Disabled clicking of sent email icon when a client views a quote - clients aren't authorised to see sent email details so was taking them to a "Not authorised" page.
27-Jan-2012 Changed label on invoice & quote sections from Site to Site/Project title
Users can now set the starting number for quotes, purchase orders, service contracts and service sheets (depending on their profile)
Finished behind the scenes changes to My Details static data - storing in new table.
26-Jan-2012 Added section to static data allowing users to choose their own invoice template - so they can choose from various invoice layouts.
Added div/css to allow me to display a message to users after they log in.
When a client signs in, they're taken to their invoice search/list screen - rather than the blank sign-in screen.
23-Jan-2012 On saving My Details, display "Details Updated" pop up.
After creating an invoice from a quote - made it select and view the new invoice - rather than taking you to the list of invoices.
22-Jan-2012 Behind the scenes improvements to the way static data is stored.
21-Jan-2012 Behind the scenes changes to the way title and signature images are handled.
Bug fix - emailing service sheet - made the default email signoff text appear in the email sending screen.
20-Jan-2012 Allowed users to set their invoice starting number - if they didn't want it to be #1 and instead wanted to for example start from #1000.
Adding an invoice, made it automatically total up the line items amounts as they're entered.
24-Dec-2011 Some behind the scenes refining to the logging in procedures.
30-Nov-2011 Added report of historic VAT rates. These static data VAT rates are used in the purchase order and expenses section. Based the date you select, the VAT rate on that date is pulled from the system level static data table and used.
Changed purchase orders - adding and modifying - to use the VAT rate, based on the PO date, from the static data table of historic VAT rates rather than the VAT rate in the users 'My details' section.
30-Oct-2011 Created new trial profile so potential clients can try without signing up. Added button image to main site home page.
28-Oct-2011 Added invoice counts by R,A,G,Paid status on the initial page you see after signing in.
Bug fix - special characters such as an o with a line through it and fractions weren't being displayed on the pdf. Added utf8_encode() function around text fields so these characters are now displayed.
Whole new service contract module added (for one particular client). Includes diary system of recurring lift servicing visits.
19-Oct-2011 Removed the modify and delete radio buttons from the clients modify screen. They weren't needed by the php, and I've added a new way for the JS validation to detect which button has been clicked - no need for the client to select a radio button.
18-Oct-2011 Behind the scenes change to make the invoice be displayed using a separate layout file, so making it possible to add other layout files so users can choose from different invoice layout templates.
17-Oct-2011 If the invoice or quote count is zero, a '0' is show. However if the service sheet count is zero, neither '0' nor the 'Service sheets:' label is shown - this is so clients who don't use service sheets don't see it.
Viewing clients - when clicking a client to show their full details, it now also shows the count of invoices, quotes and service sheet which have been added for that client. This can help if you're tidying up duplicate clients.
22-Sep-2011 Added supplier filter to the viewing expenses screen.
15-Sep-2011 Added client field to the live recurring invoice schedules report.
08-Sep-2011 Enhancement to the expenses by month report - adding a link to the dates which takes you to the view expenses screen and shows the expenses for that month - so allows you to drill down into the months expenses and list what they all are.
06-Sep-2011 Added table of historic VAT rates - which is used by the expenses module - vat rate is looked up using the date the expense item was purchased.
Added expenses module. Adding, viewing and deleting expenses. Also added report which shows total expense costs per month.
01-Sep-2011 Changes to the sign in page. Removed the rounded corners images - using the html5 border-radius instead. Removed the MS Access login. Once logged in, the sign in form is hidden.
29-Aug-2011 Added "Keep me logged in" checkbox - to keep you logged in for 2 weeks, or until you click Sign out.
New button added to the Add Client page. After you enter the new clients details, it takes you straight to the Add Invoice page and selects that new client - for a quicker process of adding a new client and sending them an invoice.
20-Aug-2011 Added 'Save changes and view invoice' button the modify invoice screen.
10-Aug-2011 On the invoice search results list, if you hover the cursor over the invoice number, it displays the clients company name.
09-Aug-2011 Now shows a full breakdown of all the cash amounts and tax rates which make up the invoice.
Updating cash on an invoice - made it display it's status - either unpaid, partially paid or paid.
03-Aug-2011 Green - over 30 days until expiry.
Amber - between 15 and 30 days until expiry.
Red - expired or less than 15 days until expiry.
Colour coded:
Made it display the users subscription expiry date, and number of days until that date, on the signing in screen - after they've signed in.
21-Jul-2011 Improved adding and modifying the list items section of the invoice details. Was previously just two boxes you had to put multiple lines now - now it's rows of textbox pairs - so tabbing is possible.
20-Jul-2011 Enabled html formatting tags to be applied to the price breakdown left & right sections of invoices - so the formatting appears on the pdf. (For example tags can be added to bold text)
17-Jul-2011 Fixed the auto creating invoice feature - on the recurring invoice scheduler - this too wasn't putting the bank account into the invoice - also should have been updated when the 2 bank account feature was added.
Fixed the "Create invoice from quote" routine. It wasn't putting bank details into the invoice - I didn't update this when adding the 2 bank account feature. Also it wasn't calculating the amounts correctly - was simply giving a net amount of zero which meant the tax rates were all wonky - now it looks up the users static data cis & vat rates and properly calculates the net & amount payable.
10-Jul-2011 instead of having the php file name and invoice number parameter
Applied a mod_rewrite to the invoice urls, making them look very neat and tidy - like this:
21-Jun-2011 Added a new report of the count of invoices per client.
Added search to the clients section - so users can search by client ID, part company name or part contact name.
19-Jun-2011 Added feature to allow users to download all their data to a .sql file (for phpMyAdmin) - to enable them to back up their data themselves. This is in addition to the daily automated backups the system administrator does.
Allowed users to store details of 2 bank accounts (rather than just 1). When adding invoices users can choose which account they want the invoice paid to.
18-Jun-2011 Enabled html formatting tags to be applied to the details section of invoices and quotes - so the formatting appears on the pdf. (For example tags can be added to bold text)
17-Jun-2011 Removed blank lines from the full client details on the title pop-ups on the client selectors.
14-Jun-2011 Added Client filter to the Sent emails report - so now you can see all emails sent to a particular client. Also now when any mail is sent, the client ID is logged in with the sent email record - to make this report work - (if appropriate - PO's for example don't go to clients)
When sending a general email to a client, you can now add an attachment to the mail.
Upgraded the Sent emails report to show all mails sent in a date range. Added quick selectors to quickly select common date ranges.
04-Jun-2011 Added count of invoices and quotes returned when searching.
Added feature to send a general email to each of your clients.
03-Jun-2011 Made the sort order of invoices on the invoice search results page uniform for all the different options - now all sorted by descending invoice date.
Modifying clients - after saving changes, the client is re-selected when the page is refreshed.
30-May-2011 Improved the report of sent emails, so can be run for a date range as opposed to just one day.
Added new report of cash due by client - showing only overdue cash. The existing report shows all cash due.
Minor change to navigation - adding a clearer link from the sign-in page back to the home page.
25-May-2011 Also wrote up recurring invoices in the system documentation.
Improved the recurring invoices module - allowing for a number of "days before" to be added - so invoices can be generated ahead of time - so they can be scheduled to be generated before they're due - giving the client time to pay.
23-May-2011 Redesign of home page and slight changes to menus and navigation.
21-May-2011 It works both ways - you can create purchase orders, adding line items with costs and VAT and also add a purchase order number you've received to an invoice.
Added purchase order module.
05-Mar-2011 Fixed the sorting of the Cash due by month report - behind the scenes the leading zero was missing from the month number, so although the report was correct, it wasn't sorted correctly. The MySQL Month() function doesn't add the leading zero, so used Date_Format() instead.
03-Mar-2011 Thank You emails: 03Mar11
Service sheets: 03Mar11
Quotes: 01Mar11
Invoices: 24Feb11
Began fully logging emails:
Upgraded the email logging of sent invoices, quotes, service sheets & Thank You emails. It was just recording the date the email was sent, but now the whole email is logged - and can be viewed by clicking the sent email icon.
22-Feb-2011 Fixed the Return-path in the email headers so delivery failures are routed back to the clients email box instead.
Email delivery failures were being sent to the main ICQ mailbox rather than the individual users email address.
10-Feb-2011 Client. To give to your clients, ReadOnly access and able only to see their invoices & quotes - not anyone else's. Can't add, modify or delete anything.
ReadOnly. View access to everything, but can't add, modify or delete anything.
User. Full access. Can view, add, modify and delete everything (invoices, quotes, static data etc...).
Added ReadOnly profile. So now there's 3 profiles you can have.
01-Feb-2011 Added recurring invoice feature.
28-Dec-2010 Added payment received - thank you emails.
Tidied My Details static data - removing 2 unused tax fields.
Code change. Tidied pdf functions.
05-Dec-2010 Code change. Improved the way logging in is done.
25-Oct-2010 Added VAT to invoices.
07-Oct-2010 Added pdf libraries. Invoices and quotes now emailed as pdf attachments.
01-Oct-2010 Web-based version of ICQ goes live.